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Many residential homes and other properties require, or make the choice to include the installation of plumbing fixtures to meet the various needs of residents or family members with physical challenges. The need for handicap plumbing fixtures and services in residential homes is steadily increasing. At RPB Inc., we support and supply resources for the needs of our local community members and take pride in taking positive professional strides to ensure to comfort and safety of you and your family in your home. We are well-versed in plumbing industry standards for people with special physical needs and can not only install or repair handicap plumbing fixtures, but we can also assist you in the selection of specific products that can make your life easier and more convenient.

No matter what your reason for these plumbing changes, our innovative, experienced local residential plumbers know exactly what to do in order to comply with all Los Angeles and Orange County area occupancy codes and guarantee that the accuracy and precision of our work will not be overlooked. We know the manufacturers of all kinds of handicap accessible fixtures, and we also have the experience and expertise to install these special handicap plumbing fixtures to ensure no local plumbing codes are violated including compliance with the American Disabilities Act standards.

Helpful to the handicapped plumbing fixtures include:

  • Comfort height toilets
  • Easy-turn faucets
  • Sturdy grab bars
  • Hand held shower heads
  • Walk in handicap showers

Call RPB Inc. with any questions or inquiries regarding handicap plumbing fixtures or regulations or to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled, certified technicians.

RPBInc Handicap Accessible Plumbing
Plumbing Code in Los Angeles & Orange County
Plumbing code violations can be issued for both residential and commercial properties. In residential homes, you can receive plumbing violations for doing home remodeling and renovations without a permit, not complying with the plumbing standards in regards to fixtures, services and location, or if your neighbors or surrounding community files a complaint for whatever reason.

Our trained technicians at RPB Inc. have seen it all when it comes to plumbing code violations. If you receive plumbing code violations, you have not necessarily done anything wrong. Generally, they are not intentionally made or committed. Many people are just unaware of the plumbing codes.

Need Help With Plumbing Code Violations?

Plumbing code violations are handled quickly and dependably by RPB Inc. If you have code violations that need to be corrected, we can help you right away! Give us a call today for free estimates on code violations from one of our qualified plumbing technicians! All of our work is guaranteed, and we provide fast and dependable service and give complete customer satisfaction. We offer flat rate pricing and emergency plumbing service when needed!

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