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Improve your Drinking Water Quality in Los Angeles

The health and safety of your family is very important to us at RPB Inc. Consuming poor quality drinking water can have negative long-term effects on your health and well being. Tap water often contains various contaminants and pollutants that many people don’t know about. Being a dependable, professional plumbing company, we try to address these problems head on, which is why we offer water filtration systems and water purification systems to avoid any unnecessary health hazards.

If you experience any of the following in your home or at your business, it is important for you to contact our skilled, experienced water quality technicians to improve the health and safety of the water you are using and consuming:

  • Suspicious smells – chlorine, must, rotten egg, gasoline
  • Bad tasting water – metallic, salty, acidy
  • Suspicious appearance – rusty, cloudy, discoloration of your porcelain or cookware
  • Blackening and pitting of steel sink

Chlorine is becoming more dangerous as it is commonly found in drinking water. It may lead to various severe health conditions if consumed in excess. Another serious health concern deals with the safety and quality of well water. Water used from these privately owned wells is not subject to any quality control or regulation. Safe drinking water is a must!

Some potential dangers associated with the use of well water in the home are:

  • Mixing of well water with sewage increasing chances of harmful bacteria present
  • Contaminants from the earth being washed into wells
  • Chemical pollutants crossing with water supplies
  • Toxic mineral impurities

Our experience and expertise in water quality and filtration systems makes us the local leader in the plumbing industry. We have skilled, licensed professionals that are here to assist you with any problems or questions you may have regarding your local water supply and ways to guarantee that the water you consume, bathe in and clean with is safe and healthy. Call today to discuss options with a water quality expert or to set up a service appointment for repairs or installation.

Hard Water Problems? Water Treatment May be Right for You

Hard water contains high levels of dissolved minerals that can start to make your everyday routine extremely uncomfortable over time. It is not necessarily dangerous to your health but it is a big nuisance that is commonly found in residential homes. Most people don’t even know that they have hard water until they feel and see how high quality water can improve their comfort and convenience.

Common problems associated with hard water are as follows:

  • Water spots on your clean glassware
  • Glassware that appears dull
  • Soap scum in sinks and bathtub
  • Smell of chlorine
  • Excess amounts of soap needed to lather
  • Deposit build-up and shorter life cycle for water appliances
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Rust stains of your plumbing fixtures

By adding a soft water conditioner or a water treatment system, your clothes and dishes will be cleaner, your fabrics and skin will be softer, and appliances will stay cleaner and last longer. In addition to that, the food and drinks you consume will taste better too! Who doesn’t want to feel better each and every day? There are some inconveniences in life that you don’t have to deal with and hard water is one of them. Start today and every day from here on out feeling refreshed and invigorated with your home’s water quality.

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