Are you looking to save a few dollars on your cold-weather utilities? Who isn’t? Here are a few simple steps you can take to cut your heating bill down to size.

Bundle Up & Lower Your Thermostat

There’s nothing wrong with wondering around the house in shorts and a t-shirt. However, you will pay more for it in the winter. By donning an old sweater or sweatshirt, you might find yourself just as comfortable, if not more with the thermostat a couple of degrees lower. Even a slight downward adjustment of the thermostat in the winter has a big impact on utilities.

Lower Temperatures More Over Night & When You’re Out
Overnight, add an extra blanket and set the temperature back a couple of degrees to save more money. Of course, set the temperature back when no one’s home.

Use Programmable Thermostats
The problem with setting the thermostat back a couple of degrees is that it’s easy to forget. Using a programmable setback thermostat solves this problem. Plus, you can program the thermostat to restore the temperature just before you get out of bed and just before you get home. If you need a programmable setback thermostat installed, call us.

Use the Sun
Open the curtains and blinds of southern windows during the day to tap into the sun’s free heat.

Seal Air Leaks
Walk around the outside of your home and look for plumbing and electrical penetrations through the walls. If any are not well-caulked, add extra sealant. Don’t forget to weather-strip and/or caulk doors and windows. If you have pull down stairs into your attic, consider adding a specially designed cover over the stairs. Use insulation covers for gaskets and light switches on exterior walls.

Reduce Fireplace Heat Loss
If you do not use a fireplace, seal the flue. Even closed, fireplace flues are the source of a lot of air leaks. If the fireplace is used, add custom fitted tempered glass doors and seal the edges.

Tune Up Your Heating System
Combustion furnaces and boilers require annual maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Burners, for example, fall out of adjustment over the course of a heating season, wasting fuel. Heat pumps need maintenance twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, so they will perform optimally during the periods of greatest use.

Beyond saving money, annual service is a safety issue for combustion heating systems. Thousands are needlessly poisoned by carbon monoxide every year from leaks and cracks in heat exchangers. Don’t risk your family’s safety or waste your money. If you haven’t already called us for annual heating system maintenance, do it now.

Upgrade Your Heating System
If you system is older than a high school student, it’s time to consider replacing it. We can improve your comfort and reduce your heating costs.